As we move into a new presidency, we are reminded that we are charged with not just exemplifying, but practicing humility; cultural humility to be exact.  This new leadership has brought emotions amongst many that have been dormant.  These emotions are now being acted upon.  Many times, these actions are to the detriment of others.  With this new President Elect comes unique challenges that sometimes administrators, and even professionals are not equipped to handle.  And let’s not get cultural competency confused with cultural humility.  If we focus on cultural competency, we are comfortable with outdated concepts that mandate that each culture fit into other peoples’ standards.  This leads to stereotypes that are dangerous to the growth of our society.  One group progresses while another doesn’t.  Stereotypes clump groups into biased categories which in turn, unfairly labels them and makes it impossible for others to see them for who they really are.  In other words, the world is seeing these groups through someone else’s perception.  Where there is no understanding, there is confusion.  These kinds of perceptions often cause divisiveness and oppression. 

In order to fully realize a reasonable turn around of this country, I am challenged with promoting cultural humility which suspends what you think you know and allow others to convey to you who they are.  This means not assuming but lending an ear to other concepts that may not agree with yours. 

Given the state of society today, cultural humility is more important than ever.  It is becoming ever more critical to create discussion in every walk of life surrounding this matter.  Knowing full well that leaders, professionals, administrators and the likes are not comfortable or qualified to tackle these discussions, may I remind you that my services offer an aggressive, yet moving and effective approach to working through many of the ills that cultural incompetency brings.  My approach lends itself to not only, the most obvious racial and societal biases but also addresses the disabled, immigrant, mass incarceration and even foster kids intolerance.  With this being said, I offer your organization methods to work through these cultural complexities through workshops, which are customized just for you.  Let’s bring in the new year with new ways of improving your organization.  I promise you a light hearted, humorous, yet innovative and powerful processes that will force individuals to take a good long hard look at themselves and bring about change within your organization. Give me a call today.