I'm tired of  Social Media! Yet, it's the very thing I'm utilizing as I write this, oxymoronic maybe?

Social media has consumed my life and I don't like it. I'm a well-adjusted addict that feels justified in my addiction because "Everyone else is doing it." I wake up to checking texts, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo mail and whatever else that allows me to feel informed and updated on the goings ons in our world. Throughout the day I check-in often to see what others are talking about, I update my status on my whereabouts, who I was with, tag people in the picture and a slew of other mind numbing activities. And then if that isn't enough, I sometimes post the same stuff to all of my outlets, just to see how many responses I can get. Vain right?

Fret not, the insanity continues. After I finish doing all of that busy work, I think to myself..."Hmmmm, why don't I give Twitter another try and see if I can get addicted to that too. Everyone is doing it!" So then, I log in to twitter (That's if I can remember my log in info) and try to think of a witty tweet that folks will respond to. It never works. WHY DO I NEED ANOTHER SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION!!!??

No really, why? Is reality not fun enough for me? Have I diminished my social life to just looking at people's faces through screens and reading about how much fun they're having? Like really, if they were REALLLY having fun, would they stop to document the fun? From my recollection, when I'm having real fun, taking a picture or videotaping isn't even a thought, because, guess what? I'm having FUN!!!

And I can't even point the finger at anyone (I'm really good at finger pointing too), I do it all the time. I even do it at the table when I'm with my family. I have my phone in one hand and my fork in the other. I talk in between those times my phone is loading up or when I'm waiting for a notification to a response to what I've just posted. It's as if I get anxious if I have any type of downtime and my trust phone is there to fill in those moments.

I'm just tired, tired of staring at screens, tired of typing, tired of waiting for someone to like posts.....just over it!! But what will I do without it?