It's so funny how when you pray and/or meditate on something, you forget that it actually might happen. It's as if you're just going to do what you believe to work in hopes that that thing will show up. All this to say, I have been praying, meditating and writing affirmations for all of my relationships to reach a higher vibration and reach a new level of intimacy. I had no clue that meant the universe was going to actually get rid of some of my most valued relationships. I didn't pray for that!! I prayed for refinement, not deletion! I should know by now how these things work though. In order for some relationships to reach a new, they have to be severed. Everyone isn't meant to be in your life forever, even if they've been in it since childhood. We often time correlate longevity with loyalty, which isn't necessarily the best correlation. There are some folks in our lives who have just arrived and can prove to be more loyal and true than those that's been in for 20 years. I am now okay with that. Going to a higher level, you must be okay with dropping some weight. We can't ascend with baggage. We must trim the fat.