Research has shown that organizational policies and cultures that promote diversity, equity and inclusion enhance our ability to draw from the deepest pool of talent in order to solve challenges, while maximizing employee engagement and innovation. But what does this really mean? DeAngela and her team of educators and consultants (The Mosaic Collaborative) understand that individual and collective human difference is at the heart of innovation. We empower each person within your organization to see themselves as part of the larger whole of creating a diverse, inclusive and equitable work environment dedicated to creating meaningful impact...

Regardless of which sector your organization serves, it can benefit from incorporating initiatives that provide access to opportunity for all segments of our society. Workplaces that actively strive to incorporate all voices in decision making, cultural norms and programmatic innovations see a marked increase in employee satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates and greater impact.  We empower organizations with the tools they need to become agents of change within their professional sectors. To learn more about DeAngela and team, click here.