I facilitate workshops on a variety of topics that fuse life's lesson's with humor and perspective. I've facilitated workshops on "microaggressions", diversity, equity & inclusion, cultural humility and mass incarceration. Previously a program director at GLIDE Foundation and other renowned organizations, I have tried and true experience working with adults and youth alike to support them through difficult times and to create successful plans for their future. 

If you're interested in holding a workshop I will customize the topic to fit your needs. Pricing varies upon request. 

Educating educators on cultural competency is essential in creating equality in our education system. Here, DeAngela speaks to a group of k-5 educators at a private institution about subtle prejudices, all known as "microagressions."

Previous Workshops

  • Cultural Competence vs. Cultural Humility - Learninig how to allow others to become their own cultural experts

  • Microaggressions - Explores how subtle prejudices show up and and the ways it impacts relationships

  • Dismantling Identity - Focuses on how identity is formulated and the importance of dismantling false identities

  • Educators and Parents - Introduces concrete ways to encourage and support young women

  • Resilience - Geared toward helping individuals understand the true definition of resilience and its importance